Laurence Fishburne Quits CSI
Another one bites the dust. Oscar-nominated actor Laurence Fishburne will not be returning to 'CSI' this fall and will instead return to movies full-time
Train Helps Couple Say ‘Marry Me’!
So let's say you've been waiting for your man to propose for awhile. You're not expecting anything big, but we know if he made an effort at some sort of little production, you'd appreciate it, right? Well, this serviceman went a little out of his way to propose- he convinced the …
Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’- NEW! [VIDEO]
The video popped up early this morning on several websites, but was immediately yanked by Gaga's people, but true to form, LG gave into her Little Monsters and premiered the vid herself! She sent it to us and we had to show it to you! It ain't gonna go over well with the Bible-bangers tha…
Go Green With The Cast Of HOUSE [VIDEO]
The cast of House lays out their diagnoses for a cleaner planet. Simple easy stuff you can do to 'Go Green' in your home, office and school. Catch new episodes of House Monday nights at 7 on FOX 9.
Meet The Governor Of New Jersey
Move over, Chris Christie: There's a new Governor in town -- and he's only 4 years old.

Yep, just a few days after a YouTube video went viral, in which little Jesse Koczon was filmed crying because he was "too small" to be Governor of New Jersey, Christie signed a proclamation y…

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