Post Break Up Dos and Don’ts
I have a friend who just broke up with the love of her life again. I read the news and could just feel what she was going through. She's handling things pretty well, but I've seen some friends get very, very lost after a breakup, so here are a few good post breakup dos and don'ts.
Relationship Mistakes to Avoid
Kelly Cordes and I were having a good talk about relationships the other day and we were reminiscing about old relationships we had, what went wrong and the great times we’re having now and how not to screw it up, so it got me thinking: If I felt this way, and she felt this way, do w…
What Not to Say to Someone Getting Divorced
I have three sets of couples in my life that are either in the process of getting divorced, on the brink of divorce and someone else who split with their partner of 15 plus years. It was sad in one instance, amicable in another and a bit acrimonious in the other. With so many different situations, w…

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