Keep Cool

How to De-Stress
This has been a really stressful week for me this week and I can feel it all over. My chest hurts, my shoulders hurt and I cannot remember the last time I had this many headaches. I usually hit the bathtub to soak in a bubble bath, but when you're slammed in the middle of the day, a bubble bath…
Heat Exhaustion – Know Your Symptoms
It's what we've been waiting for: SUMMER!! But, in our excitement to get outside, sometimes we can stay too long at the party and thereby put ourselves at serious risk for heat related illnesses.  Here are some ways to prevent, treat and beat the heat.
Cheap Ways to Cool Off
It's hot. You don't want a five hundred dollar energy bill, but you need the A/C. Or maybe you don't have air conditioning. Here are a few ways to cool off without breaking the bank or firing up that energy sucking A/C.
Fireworks Safety Tips
With the recent rain we had, it's not as dry as it was, but many areas are still crunchy. If you're going to be setting off fireworks, here are a few tips to not set a fire in the process.
How To Cool Off Without A/C
No air conditioning? No problem! If the A/C is out, you don't have it or you're trying to save money on your energy bills, here are five ways to cool off without an air conditioner.
Super Healthy Foods for Summer
Summer is in full swing and even if you hate the heat and humidity of the season, you have to love the fact that there are super healthy and super yummy foods everywhere. Here are just a few of my favorites.
What Does Your Ice Cream Say About You?
It's hot and one of my favorite cool treats is ice cream. It just doesn't taste the same in January. So, when we indulge what flavor indulge in apparently says a lot about us. What's your favorite flavor?
Traveling With Kids
The weekend is here and it's summer vacation. We traveled all over the place with our camper in the summer time and there was a lot of "Are we there yet? I have to go potty! I'm hungry! She's kicking me!" And that was before we even got on the freeway!  Here&apo…

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