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How to Erase Skin Damage
Weekends in the summer are so fun and we pack so much life into our weekends, and many times we don't always make the effort to slap on sunscreen so at the end of the summer, we have dark spots and sun damage and before we know it, we look like Keith Richards. Here are a few ways to help repair…
Telecommuting Myths Busted
Congratulations! You get to work from home! You don't have to get dressed, you get to save on gas, sleep in later and avoid traffic, but there are some myths about working from home that may have been busted.
Eat Your Way to Better Sleep
It's Monday. If you're feeling a tad tired from lack of sleep over the weekend, here are a few foods you can eat that will help you get to sleep.
What Not to Say to Someone Getting Divorced
I have three sets of couples in my life that are either in the process of getting divorced, on the brink of divorce and someone else who split with their partner of 15 plus years. It was sad in one instance, amicable in another and a bit acrimonious in the other. With so many different situations, w…
Habits of Naturally Slim People
Have you ever overheard people talking about how they do eat and never work out and you want to slug them in their toned stomach? Well, sometimes, aside from good genes and eating habits, there are some habits they have that you can easily work into your routine.
How to Survive Disaster
It has been 12 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Going back and listening to the stories of those that survived is amazing. Here are a few pointers on how to survive when disaster strikes.
Relationship Lessons From Football
Now that the football season is here, there's college ball on Saturdays, professional football Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday night and later in the season Thursday nights. While we are surrounded by men in tight pants, there are a few things we can take away from the games and apply to…

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