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How to Bring a Date to Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving can be a good time to introduce someone important to your family. I did it with Glen. Everyone was there in one place so it just made sense. Here are a few ways to bring a date to Thanksgiving without it being a disaster.
How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams
The holiday shopping season is upon us and I don't like going to crowded stores with rude associates and empty shelves. I like staying inside where it's warm and shopping online. Here are a few online shopping scams to watch out for and how to avoid them.
Ways to Shop Smarter
If you're getting a jump on your Christmas shopping, here are a few ways to shop smarter and keep the cash in your pocket.
How to Boost Metabolism Over the Holidays
Everyone seems to gain weight through the holidays, myself included. I always chalked it up to the colder weather and that metabolism slowed down over the holidays. Turns out it was just me that slowed down. Here's how to get through the holidays without gaining a spare tire.
The Best Online Shopping Sites You’ve Never Heard Of
I’m not a huge fan of going out to shop during the holiday season. Messy tables, picked over sales racks, crowded stores, no place to park, rudeness; no thank you. I’d much rather shop online. I can stay home, stay warm and I don’t have to put on pants…
How to Get Rid of Leftover Candy
This year, like years past, kids probably got a lot more candy than they can eat before next Halloween, so here are a few things that you can do with the candy your little ghosts and goblins can’t eat.
What Not to Buy on Black Friday
As shoppers make a mad grab for stuff, shoving anything and everything into their carts and figuring out whom to give it to later, there are some things shoppers should stay away from.

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