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Unique Gift Ideas
Do you have someone on your list that you just don’t know what to buy? You don’t want to give them another gift card. Cash is always nice, but you want something that stands out. Here are a few gift ideas that won’t go in the return pile and will be us…
How to Beat the Holiday Blues
It's the most wonderful time of the year, for most of us, but for some, that's not true. Some people get depressed around this time of the year. If you're one of them, here are a few ways to beat the holiday blues.
Easy Party Tips
There are four weekends between now and Christmas and 'tis the season to party it up. Here are a few tips to throw a fun party that's going to be easy for you, fun for your guests and memorable for everyone.
How to Avoid Getting Food Poisoning
Oprah's second favorite doctor, Dr. Oz recently did a show about things to avoid when you're out at your favorite restaurant. There was a lot of information to digest, if you will, but I boiled it down and picked out a few things you may not think about or didn't realize.
Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday
Today is what is known in the retail world as Cyber Monday, where shoppers flock to the Internet to score deals that aren't offered in store. Here are a few ways to survive the day with your credit and identity in tact.
How to Make Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Easier
If you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, everyone can sympathize about how much work it is to do it. Here are a few ways to make it a little easier on yourself so you aren't slaving away and can actually sit down and enjoy spending time with your guests....
What Not to Eat Before a Flight
It's the holiday travel season and there's a good chance many of us may be taking to the friendly skies to see family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I know a few people complain about not feeling well after flying and it turns out what you're eating beforehand that's making you f…
What Does Working Out Not Do?
I've worked out until I was sore and dog tired and done sit ups until I was blue in the face and still nothing. Well, turns out that yes, working out is beneficial, but there are some things that working out can't do.

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