Jen’s Junk Drawer

Fun “Big Game” Food Facts
If you're planning on watching the game on Sunday, you're not alone. Since today is Gourmet Guess day, I figured I would explore some fun facts about our favorite football foods.
Is Cold Weather Beneficial For Us?
Yeah, yeah, enduring cold weather "builds character" blah blah blah. But I was looking up a few things online about the effect cold weather has on us, and it turns out that cold weather can actually do us some good.
How to Avoid Being Scammed Online
Manti T'eo is all the talk in the sports world lately because of the dead girlfriend hoax. Sure there are a million jokes out there, but being scammed online is no laughing matter. Here are a few ways to avoid it.
How to Prevent the Flu
Influenza is running rampant in Minnesota. In fact, 27 people have died from the flu. Here are a few simple steps to possibly prevent you getting the flu.
How to Find Balance
Work, kids, spouses, activities - it's hard to find some sort of work and life balance, but here are a few ways to help you out.
How to Write an Online Dating Profile
I told you in an earlier Junk Drawer about how to find love in the new year and in it, I touched on online dating. I had someone send me a very nice email about it, but they wanted to know how to write an online dating profile, so here goes.

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