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Easy Ways to Save Money on Food
I am not a fan of grocery shopping. You may as well just eat the money. Or throw it in the garbage because those are the two places it's going anyway, so if there are ways to save money at the grocery store, I'm all over it. Here's what I found.
Things Happy People Say
When you’re miserable, you have a tendency to speak negatively and focus only on bad things which makes you more miserable. Here are a few ways to get out of your rut and talk like a happy person. Fake it ‘til you make it!
What Not to Say at Work
As we start the work week, we all know there are certain things you shouldn’t say at work that are just a given. Here are a few things not to say that maybe we don’t think about.
What to Eat for Fresh Kissing Breath
It's Valentine's Day today and it's a day to express your love and one way we express how we love each other is by kissing, but sometimes bad breath can really be a buzz kill. If you're planning on puckering up, eat this first.
Valentine’s Day for the Tech Savvy
Technology is invading our lives in every way, so why not our love lives? If you're a tech savvy lover, try out these ideas to show your significant other your love for them via the 21st century.
Foods Couples Should Never Feed Each Other
Valentine's Day is Thursday and many couples are planning to go out for the big day. Feeding each other can seem romantic and sweet, but there are certain foods you two should never, ever feed each other.
How to Improve Your Memory
Do you keep forgetting things? Having more "senior moments" than you should at your age? Here are a few ways to keep your brain sharp. Follow these directions and you'll be beating your kindergartner at the Memory game in no time!
How to Tell if She Wants You to Propose
Valentine's Day is now nine days away and it's a big day for getting engaged. If you haven't already picked up the bling and aren't sure if she wants you to ask, here are a few ways to tell she wants you to ask.

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