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Why Is It So Hard to Get Good Concert Tickets?
I remember sleeping out for tickets back in the day in order to get floor seats. There was a ticket place not far from my house and it was just perfect. We always got floor seats. Now? Tickets are sold out within five minutes. So, why is it so hard to get good concert tickets?
Why Don’t Men Want to Talk About Their Feelings?
How was your day honey? Fine. How was your drive home? Fine. These short one word answers are frustrating; especially if you’re having relationship problems. Here are a few reasons men don’t want to talk about their feelings.
First Date Tips from Guys
First dates can be intimidating. You feel like you connected with him and then he doesn’t call. You did your best to hide your flaws and laugh at his jokes, but still no call. So, what happened?
Easy Ways to Better Sleep
I'm always super concerned about going to bed on time because I hate waking up late for work and get so worried sometimes I have difficulty falling asleep. Here are some ways to get to sleep quicker and stay asleep better.
How to Talk About Your Weaknesses
If you've ever been in a job interview, you've probably been asked what your biggest weakness is. Here are a few ways to calmly answer the question without getting that "deer in the headlights" look.
When is it Time to Break Up?
If you've been thinking about breaking up with someone, sometimes the "yes" comes quickly, but if you're not sure, here are a few ways to tell if it's time to tell them to hit the road.
How to Cut 500 Calories Per Day
If we cut out 500 calories every day from our diets, that's one pound every week. That's 52 pounds per year. It's easy to do with these simple tricks. I promise.

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