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Creative Wedding Favors
Wedding season is almost here and if you or someone you know is planning their big day, one fun thing to think about is the favors. Just a little token of your appreciation of their being there and something for them to remember the day – besides the massive hangover. Here are a few fun and in…
Home Heartburn Remedies
Heartburn. Ugh. There are so many different things that can trigger it for different people and not everyone enjoys eating those chalky antacids. Here are a few quirky home remedies to put that fire out.
Job Ad Red Flags
You're perusing the want ads when you see a job you think would be just perfect, but should you apply? Here are a few things to think about when sending out those resumes.
What to Do if You Get Hacked
Last week, several celebrities including First Lady Michelle Obama were hacked and “sensitive personal information” was posted for all to see on the Internet. I don’t know about you, but that got me thinking about my personal safety on the web. So, what sh…
Can You Lose Without Exercising?
We’re three months in to the new year. How are we all doing on our resolutions? I know I’ve stumbled a couple of times with watching what I eat. It’s still too cold to get outside and exercise for me, so if you and I are on the same page and don&CloseC…
Bad Mood Foods
Tired? Bloated? Irritable? It may be what you’re eating. Here are a few “bad mood foods” to avoid if you’re feeling grouchy.
How to Stay Safe When Dating Online
Remember Manti Te'o? He thought he had a girlfriend, but it was all a hoax perpetrated by who knows, but he ended up looking like an idiot. It can be easy to get duped. Especially when it comes to the Internet. Here’s how to stay safe if you’re hoping to meet you…

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