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Ryan Gosling Says He Could Have Been in the Backstreet Boys
In a recent interview with Celebuzz, Ryan Gosling said that he knew A.J. McLean back when the Backstreet Boys were just beginning. Ryan says he didn't think they would make it big. Boy, was he wrong . . . for a second.
"When I was doing the Mickey Mouse Club, we were living in the same …
Megan Fox Joins Twitter to Dispel Death Rumors
It happens all the time. You see a big name celebrity in the top feed of your Twitter, or even on Facebook, and you are shocked to learn the news. More shocked at yourself for believing everything you see on the internet once you find out so-and-so is alive and well and just the victim of another de…
Kate Middleton’s Parents To Sell a Line of Baby Goods
I remember when the Royal Wedding was about to take place; everyone wanted to know who Kate's parents were and if they were "good enough" to be apart of the Royal Family. It all boiled down to if they would be considered rich enough.
Kate's parents, Michael and Carole, founded a party suppl…

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