Super Foods Kids Will Eat
I was the pickiest eater when I was a kid and I know more than a few kids who are picky eaters and some who, like me only want junk food. Here are a few yummy foods that are good for the little ones -- and it's all things they'll eat!
Caring for Kayleen 5K a Big Success
Jen Jacobs
In a town of 1700, one promise made by two parents to their nine year old daughter brought out a crowd of over 700 to honor her memory, begin a legacy and raise awareness about the need for bone marrow donations.
Slimming Down The Sneaky Way
The weather is starting to improve and maybe you want to slim down a tad, thought I'd share a few tricks of the trade from the kitchen that maybe one doesn't think about to help you out.
Jade’s Weigh Loss Journey –Why I Wanted to Lose Weight
You might have heard me talking about changing my life recently. I started going to Rejuv Medical Weigh Loss and Performance Center back in January. Since then my life has changed so much. I know it’s only been three months, but in that short frame of time, I have taken control of my life. I&…

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