How to Find Joy
It’s hump day, so chances are, we’re all in that midweek funk. The energy and enthusiasm of the beginning of the week is gone and now we’re antsy for the weekend. Bad moods and short tempers may be setting in, but they don’t have to. He…
Why Doesn’t He Want To Do It?
How many times has this happened? You roll over, poke your sweetie in the side and giggle, trying to get his attention only to get a mumbled, “Not tonight…” He always seems ready to go at a moment’s notice. So, why doesn't he want to get it on?
Do You Have An Eating Disorder?
Eating disorders are sometimes quite difficult to accept and detect, especially if its a child or even yourself that might have the problem. Sometimes we think of only Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa, as being the disorders that are the most damaging. But now, we're finding that there are a variety…
Make Healthy Kids!
Kids and vegetables...Why is this such a NON Combination? Why don't kids want to eat their vegetables? And it seems that you want to get them started off right, so you avoid the chocolate, the pop, you feed them veggie baby food...They LOVE it...and then...they switch to real food...and NO WA…
The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing With Stress
It’s Monday. Maybe you’re stressed because you had a bad morning. Maybe you have a big meeting this week or you’re working on a big project, you’re a little behind and the deadline is looming. Here are a few ideas on what to do and what…
Health & Fitness Tips From Dayna Deters
My Friend Dayna Deters stops by every week to discuss Health and Nutrition with our listeners.  Here's Dayna's notes for you this week:
"Do you feel bloated, fatigued, congested, and less energetic? Do you also have digestive issues, tummy rumbling, stomach pain, and painful j…
February Is Heart Health Month
Although it's frightening to think that one out of four people die of heart complications, heart disease is controllable, and preventable when we take steps each day to bring ourselves closer to being heart healthy.
How to Keep Warm in the Polar Vortex – Our Top 5
Since this winter has been littered with wind chill warnings, winter weather advisories and as soon as we get above zero, it plummets to below zero and stays there. Usually, there’s a little bit of a reprieve come February, but even next month looks below normal according to the long…
The Deadly Cycle Of Sugar Addiction
Sugar is known to cause over 70 different illnesses and diseases including many forms of cancer. Local health and fitness expert Dayna Deters has had her battles with sugar...and has this advice to help you break the deadly cycle of sugar addiction.

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