Fugitive Evidence

The Mix 94.9 Fugitive Has $5000 That Could Be Yours
Unfortunately, The Fugitive did not spend the weekend getting caught. While we were tearing out our hair in pumpkin patches and apple orchards, The Fugitive was gloating on the "veranda". If I had that $5000 I could have a veranda too! And so could you - help us find The Fugitive a…
Morning Mix Show Notes 10/3
The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive is still on the lam, whether we know it or not, we're cheating on our partners and Peter had some trouble with the copier this morning thanks to a lazy coworker, so I dug up some other dirt on what our coworkers do that drive us bonkers.
The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive Gives Details on Weekend Plans
Again, The Fugitive Calls ClubMix and gives insight on what he/she will be doing this weekend. We (Mix 94.9) can't seem to get this thief to reveal their gender! We keep trying though! Listen to the call and see where you think The Fugitive will be this weekend...
The Fugitive Gets Talkative On The Traffic Jam!
The MIX 94.9 $5,000 Fugitive was a little more forth-coming with the info today, than he/she usually is.
The Fugitive disclosed that this weekend, he/she would be wearing their black, white, and red.  This leads me to believe that the St...
Darn That Fugitive!
A listener called today and said they'd seen The Fugitive. She wouldn't let me put her on the air (probably doesn't want anyone else to know what she knows) but said it's a small woman with brown hair, a twinkle in her eye and, "she knows EXACTLY what she's doing".
Well, yeah, I'd say. Now,…
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/30
That smarmy thieving letch The Fugitive called to taunt us again, office pet peeves, your bank is going to start hosing you again and are self-check-outs going away?
The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive: SCSU Alum?
Today on The Morning MIX The Fugitive wormed their weasely scheme into our conversations about bank fees- calling us out of nowhere, The Fug made reference to 'coming home'. Check out the latest call:
The Fugitive is Not Making Friends at Mix 94.9
The Fugitive, so far, has not been a nice person. First stealing $5000 then insulting most of the staff at the radio station. Today things took a turn when The Fugitive requested a sappy song and wanted it dedicated to Ty James (bald head and four-eyes notwithstanding). Does this mean The Fugitive i…
Morning Mix Show Notes 9/29
The inventor of Doritos has died. What will he be buried with? Good versus evil: What do we really use Facebook for? Speaking of evil, The Fugitive called us again this morning.

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