Fugitive Evidence

The Fugitive is Looking for a New Do
I think we're all getting a little tired of The Fugitive being on the loose. That's why I got so excited today when someone approached that wily thief  - but they asked the WRONG QUESTION!
Oh no! The Fugitive gets away!
The Fugitive Has Gone Off The Deep End
This morning The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive really took a step off the deep end- I truly have no idea what is going on with this morning's random attack- this monetary madman has gone bonkers.
Is This Where The Fugitive Hides Out?
While digesting all the latest Fugitive Evidence, picking it apart to try and find this criminal, I stumbled upon what seems to be The Fugitive's possible hideout.
The Fugitive Revisits The Traffic Jam!
This afternoon, the MIX 94.9 $5,000 Fugitive called to taunt the Ty James Traffic Jam. I think he/she can feel this intense, extensive manhunt, closing in on them. Carrying all that cash around would get a bit stressful, I imagine.  Especially if you STOLE it...
The Fugitive is French? Well, That Explains a Lot.
Some French, a little poetry.  My call from The Fugitive today would have been romantic.....if I found big thieving thieves romantic. If you are helping us find The Fugitive, though, today's call is full of tidbits that should help in our search. Listen to it here.
The Fugitive Derails Jen’s Wedding
We were taking calls on marital advice for Jen this morning and The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive broke into the conversation with another rant- But this time The Fugitive almost messed up- We almost had them on the line long enough to trace- but seconds before we could get a lock- The Fugitive was gone. …
The Fugitive Calls In To The Traffic Jam!
The MIX 94.9 $5,000 Fugitive has had our money for quite a while now, and he/she continues to taunt me every afternoon.
Today's encounter featured The Fugitive speaking German, and, for some unknown reason - quoting several automobile commercials...

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