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How To Cool Off Without A/C
No air conditioning? No problem! If the A/C is out, you don't have it or you're trying to save money on your energy bills, here are five ways to cool off without an air conditioner.
Is Your Boss Toxic?
Thankfully, I work for a really great company and from the top down, everyone is really great. Very communicative, very open and honest, but some workers aren't as blessed to have good managers in place. Here are four types of bosses that can be considered "toxic".
How to Green Up Your Office
A lot of people are going green these days, not because it's the trendy thing to do, it's what many say we should be doing. I'm going more green around my house, but now here are some ways we can go green at the office and it can start with your coffee.
How to Fake Great Legs
Summertime is coming. ACK! We're pasty, we haven't shaved and now it's time for shorts, skirts and capri pants. Want to fake great legs in a hurry and on a budget? Keep reading.
How to Split the Check With Friends
Who doesn't love hanging out with friends and going to dinner with a big bunch of them is usually great for a laugh. Or two. But the laughter usually stops when the check comes. First you realize how much you ate and drank and then if the server hasn't already done so, you have to figure out how to …
How Much Do You Need To Be Happy?
According to a new study you need a household income of at least $50,000 to be happy.  People making that amount or more were more likely to say they're happy, be optimistic about life, have an active sex life and feel younger.  The study also found people making $50,000 or more were …
Tax Day Freebies Are Yours
The day has arrived. Today is the last possible day to give way too much of your hard-earned money to those morons fine folk in Washington. Ease the pain with some well deserved freebies.
How to Not Get Audited
It's tax day today and the chances of you being audited are pretty low, but you never know. The total of unpaid taxes has jumped to 30 percent in the last five years, so you may be paying your taxes, but one third of tax payers aren't so the IRS has to go after somebody. Here's how to…

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