Dollars and Sense

When Should You Pay With Cash?
I have to be honest here. I always use my debit card because if I have cash, I'll go out to eat. When I do have cash, I oftentimes forget I have it because hardly anybody uses it anymore, but here are the times when you should use cash.
Are You Bad With Money?
When Glen and I got married and combined our finances, I took the checkbook and handed it over to him. I told him I hate this job and it's yours now. I don't like managing money. I never thought I was "bad" with money, it's just a pain to balance finances. Here are s…
How to Save Money on Groceries
I’m not talking about going the extreme coupon route here. I’m talking about real world every day people kind of saving money. It takes a little bit of extra time, but it’s totally worth it.
NFL Player Picks Up the Check for School Sports
The usual headlines surrounding the NFL is that this player wants more money, this player has a hang nail and can't play for a month or this player got into trouble. Here's a good piece of news about a football player who paid for everyone to play sports.
Random Facts About Labor Day
It's Labor Day. A day to honor those that bust their butts every day of the year by giving them a day off to do yard work, close up the cabin and get the kids ready for back to school. Here are a few random facts about Labor Day.
Back to School – Keep It or Toss It?
School supplies can get expensive and it's that time of year again. A new box of crayons, a carton of pencils, fresh notebooks, folders, and a new backpack to put it all in was so exciting, but why do you need new stuff every year? Do you really need a new eight pack of uhu stics? Maybe not.
Is He a Cheap Skate?
A lot of people are watching their pennies these days, but there's a difference between someone who's trying to mindful of their budget and a plain old cheap skate. How do you tell the difference?
Cheap Ways to Cool Off
It's hot. You don't want a five hundred dollar energy bill, but you need the A/C. Or maybe you don't have air conditioning. Here are a few ways to cool off without breaking the bank or firing up that energy sucking A/C.
What’s Killing Your Budget?
You make the money, but where does it all go? You set a budget, but it seems there's never enough to go around. Here are a few ways you may be killing your household budget.

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