Dollars and Sense

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off
There are some rip offs you can see coming a mile away. For example: anything from your hotel minibar. That bottle of vodka is about a dollar at the liquor store, but it's like ten bucks from the minibar. Some other rip offs, you don't see because they're hidden in the fine print and …
How to Do Halloween on the Cheap
Everyone's looking to save a buck or two these days, myself included. When I'm figuring out my costume year to year I'm always thinking, "How cheaply can I throw this together?" Here are some of the best ways to throw together a costume and do it without spending a l…
The Truth About Travel Websites
You may be starting to think about your holiday travel for later on this year and you may be like countless others and head to a travel website to find a deal. Here are a few things you should know before you log on.
What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Buy in October
It's the beginning of a brand new month. It's the beginning of a brand new season. It's the beginning of a new business quarter. Christmas isn't that far away and many are thinking about their gift lists. Here's what you should and shouldn't buy in October.
How to Save on Gas
Gas is hovering around four dollars a gallon and sometimes driving less isn't always an option, so here are a few ways to save on gas.
Shopping Mistakes That Can Cost You
It's no secret I love to shop. Even if it's just to try on new styles of clothing or shoes and I don't even buy anything. I also love shopping for cute stuff for the house and yard, but if you're not careful, you can make costly mistakes. Here's what not to do when you'…

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