How to Wear Fall Trends
Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. The sun is at a great angle, everything is spiced with one thing or another, there are vegetables abound and the fashion is so interesting. We can start with a coat in the morning, but shed it in the afternoon to reveal a great blazer and a statement neckla…
How to Erase Skin Damage
Weekends in the summer are so fun and we pack so much life into our weekends, and many times we don't always make the effort to slap on sunscreen so at the end of the summer, we have dark spots and sun damage and before we know it, we look like Keith Richards. Here are a few ways to help repair…
Sun Damage Myths Busted
The Sun. I love it. It makes me happy when I see it. It makes things grow. It's great, but you know what isn't great? Sun damage. Here are a few sun damage myths busted.
Hair Color Help
My hair has been every shade of the rainbow. I’ve done the jarred stuff you buy at the record store, I’ve done the $200 salon treatment and I’ve also done the box thing. Here are a few ways to help switch up your look without dropping a ton of money.
Are Beauty Products Useless?
We’re all beautiful, but there are some things in our bathrooms that we rely on to keep us that way. Turns out, some of them are downright useless. Who knew?

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