Back To School

Back to School – Backpack Dos and Don’ts
Backpacks are an essential part of going back to school and it seems like kids are being weighed down with more books and more homework, so backpacks are becoming more and more important, but overloaded backpacks can cause injuries, so as the kids head to class, here are a few backpack dos and don&a…
How to Get Ready for Back to School
It's that time of year again. Parents are rejoicing and kids are groaning as it's time to go back to school. Here's how to get them - and you - ready for it. Kids, I'm with you.
Renting an Apartment – What You Should Know
It seems like "back to school" is a long way off, but move in day at St. Cloud State is just over a month away. If your kid is planning on renting an apartment, here are a few things to know before they sign the lease.

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