Back To School

#MyTeacherIsWeird [Tweets]
With school back in full swing, students have had a little over a week to get adjusted to their new teachers. Some have even taken to twitter to talk about how their first few weeks are going! Here are some of the best #MyTeacherIsWeid tweets
One time my bio teacher was practicing animal calls in her…
Abbey Talks with the Guys from New District [Video]
Abbey had the chance to sit down with the guys in New District and discuss their upcoming show in Sartell as well as their new music video for "Ain't Got Money". She also asked the guys if they could only have one food  the rest of their lives, what would it be...
Things I Didn’t Do This Summer
It is officially the last week of summer. College is already back in session and classes for the kids starts next Tuesday. Where did summer go?! I had a few things that I wanted to get done this summer and never did.
- Take in the beautiful flowers at Munsinger Gardens
- Rollerblade more than 2 time…

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