My BFF (Best Fugitive Friend) Calls
So, The Fugitive has a job? I guess it's not totally surprising since every office has that one person you gotta keep your eye on or they'll steal your lunch.
I don't know enough about computers to be sure, but the thief may have dropped a hint. Listen to the phone call and let me know…
The Fugitive is a Streaker!?
If some one says they're going to "bare their soul" do you expect them to come clean and confess to the heinous crime they've committed.....or take off all their clothes?
No confessions here, just the latest phone call from The Fugitive.
I’m on The Fugitive’s Bad Side
So, The Fugitive is disappointed with me? The person that took five grand that didn't belong to them and then taunts innocent, hard-working people day after day is disappointed with ME?!
Well, all I can say is I will take great pleasure in this thief being brought to justice. Give this phone cal…
The Fugitive is Looking for a New Do
I think we're all getting a little tired of The Fugitive being on the loose. That's why I got so excited today when someone approached that wily thief  - but they asked the WRONG QUESTION!
Oh no! The Fugitive gets away!
The Fugitive Has Gone Off The Deep End
This morning The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive really took a step off the deep end- I truly have no idea what is going on with this morning's random attack- this monetary madman has gone bonkers.
The Fugitive is French? Well, That Explains a Lot.
Some French, a little poetry.  My call from The Fugitive today would have been romantic.....if I found big thieving thieves romantic. If you are helping us find The Fugitive, though, today's call is full of tidbits that should help in our search. Listen to it here.
The Mix 94.9 Fugitive Has $5000 That Could Be Yours
Unfortunately, The Fugitive did not spend the weekend getting caught. While we were tearing out our hair in pumpkin patches and apple orchards, The Fugitive was gloating on the "veranda". If I had that $5000 I could have a veranda too! And so could you - help us find The Fugitive a…

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