Swim With an Olympian [AUDIO]
Gold medalist Peter Vanderkaay is hosting a swim clinic next Thursday at the St. Cloud YMCA and it's your chance to get tips and a damp autograph from one of the world's biggest aquatic heroes.
I’d Sure Like to ‘Book’ The Fugitive
Well, The Fugitive felt the need to get some more tormenting in today. Unfortunately, I was the recipient. I will be so glad when you catch this thief! Listen to the phone call from The Fugitive (also known as the thorn in my side). But listen carefully as the weasel tries to throw the bounty hunter…
A Big Happy Smilin’ Day?
Monday...back at work and back to talking to a thief we call The Fugitive. This criminal seems entirely too cheerful to me. We'll see how cheerful The Fugitive is when we corner and catch them!
See if you can get a clue or two from this call...
The Fugitive Narrows Down the Search
I'm looking forward to the weekend - more time to look for The Fugitive. I hope that thief works weekends because we're a little closer to knowing where The Fugitive earns  a paycheck.
More will be revealed to Ty James this afternoon (according to The Fugitive) but in the meantime, you…
The Fugitive is a Pinwheel Fan
So, what is a pinwheel? I don't know but I thought they were those pastry things. Hey, who can complain about hanging out a bakery if it means finding The Fugitive?
The thing about the robots might be an even better clue, though. Listen to the latest call from The Fugitive here.

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