Three summers after her 2 year old daughter’s dead body was found in the woods near their home with duct tape on the skull, Casey Anthony was acquitted by an Orlando jury today. The case has been followed closely by everyone from Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace to Entertainment Tonite. The 12 jurors deliberated for just over 11 hours over the course of two days.

Anthony was visibly nervous before the verdict and cried during the reading. She was found not guilty of murder in the first degree, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child, all felonies.The 25 year old will not face the death penalty, but will most likely face some sort of jail-time due to her being found guilty on several counts of providing false information to police. She’ll be sentenced at 9am Thursday, Orlando time.

The defense argued that Caylee Anthony drowned accidentally, while the prosecution held steadfast to a scenario where Casey drove around for nearly two days with her daughter’s duct tape wrapped dead body in the trunk of her car.The trial lasted nearly 7 weeks and has rung with media comparisons to the OJ trail.