We had a great discussion both online and on-air over this topic. Can you truly be friends with your ex? Does it work, can it work?  In a recent survey, people seem to be divided on whether that's possible.  Here are some stats we found courtesy of yourtango.com.

7% of people scan an ex's Facebook page on the daily while 51% do it once every blue moon.

28% of people had to seek professional help to get over their ex.

18% sometimes still hook up with their ex.

and a staggering 55% of people have gotten jealous of their current partners attachment to one of their ex's.

Here's what K Allison had to say on our Facebook page this morning: I just don't think so unless you can let go of everything that hurt you. My ex husband and I are friends, but only after about six years of divorce and a lot of growing up on both our parts.