I have never been afraid to voice my political opinion.  And, in my lifetime, I have been all over the map, politically speaking.  I have voted for republicans, democrats, independents, and write-in candidates, as well.

I'm not ashamed to admit I voted for Obama, absolutely.  And he'll get my vote again, when he crushes Mitt Romney in the upcoming election.  But this is not an opinion piece.

President Obama is someone I have always wanted to meet since he busted onto the public scene.  And wouldn't it be awesome to just be able to speak for 2 minutes to our president?  The ruler of the free world.

OK - now what if - let's say at that same dinner - you could meet George Clooney!  Wouldn't that be a "once in a lifetime" evening?

Well, such an evening does actually exist.  It's happening in May - and you get to actually spend the night at George Clooney's house.  Of course, though, there's a catch.  It's not free.  Not even close.

It's going to cost you (if you were to be invited), $40,000.

I guess when Clooney has a fundraiser for his buddy Barack, he spares no expense.

To put it into perspective - the biggest Obama 'dinner' put on in Minnesota, was by Al Franken, at a relatively cheap $2K per plate.

I guess our president is 20 times better friends with Clooney, than with Franken!

Or he knows that those actors and movie stars, are a lot more likely to come off that 40 grand, than a bunch of politicians.