If you're sick and tired of all of the hoopla surrounding Christmas and you're just plain burned out, here are some other December holidays you may not know about. 

Today, December 15 is National Cat Herder Day. It's not for someone who literally herds cats. Today is for anyone who constantly deals with chaotic situations.

Tomorrow, December 16 is National Cover Anything With Chocolate Day so find something and cover it with chocolate. My favorites are chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered bacon. Tomorrow is also Free Fry-Day. All seven thousand Burger King locations across the country are giving away their $1 portion of their new thick cut fries for FREE!

Saturday, December 17 is Underdog Day to honor unsung heroes.

Tuesday, December 20 is Louisiana Purchase Day. In 1803, France gave us 800 thousand square miles of new territory which included Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and what would become parts of nine other states.

Thursday, December 22 is The Shortest Day of the Year. It's the Winter Solstice and that deserves to be celebrated because then we start gaining daylight and the countdown to spring begins.

Friday, December 23 is Festivus. It's a fictional holiday that was given to us by the brilliant writers of Seinfeld. It's a day to tell your friends and family how they have disappointed you in the last year. It's always a good time.