For our friends running FB 'Brand Pages' (you know, the kind of a Facebook page you make when you run a business.), here's an interesting experiment.

Burger King Norway had an interesting problem with their 38,000+ FB fans: Free-loaders. Nearly every day they had people who 'Liked' their page asking where the free stuff was? On top of that they were inundated with requests for discounts because of supposedly 'poor experiences' and low engagement with their posts. How to deal with this became a major discussion within the company, and specifically, the marketing department and agency handling the account: DIST Creative.

They came upon an idea that many of us would call outright insane. In a bold move, they would relaunch the page. In effect, start from scratch, and, in order to retain "Real Fans", they offered free stuff from their competitor to bugger off for good.

True Story: The FB page of Burger King Norway offered a choice: Get a free Big Mac (YES BIG MAC) and be banned for life from the FB page... or 'LIKE' the new re-launched page. Guess what happened?

Watch this interesting scenario play out in the video above from Fast Company.