A young Michigan boy who told his mom not to throw him a birthday party because he didn't have any friends just got the surprise of his life on national TV.

Jennifer Cunningham of Richland, Michigan asked her son, Colin what he wanted to do for his birthday and said she'd like to throw him a party. He told her not to bother because he didn't have any friends. (Colin has some behavioral issues that cause him to act out at school and he's also teased because he wears a suit and tie to school.)

That just about broke Jennifer's heart, so she set up a Facebook page that she figured a few friends and family would see, but what happened next, she never imagined.

Soon, the page started getting shared, and Colin's story started spreading. Friends were asking where they could send a card, so she set up a P.O. Box. Soon, while Colin was in school, she had to go every day to pick up all of the cards and letters. More than 10 thousand cards and letters a day were rolling in.

Colin turns 11 on Sunday and so today Good Morning America threw him a surprise party. Watch and P.S., grab a tissue.