2012 looks to be a great year for Britney Spears. To end her rocky road of emotions, Brit got engaged to her boyfriend Jason Trawick while in Vegas for his Birthday. She is finally, somewhat, showing off the bling ring!

Brit posted the picture on her personal Facebook page looking as happy as a child in a candy store! I would be too if I finally met the love of my life. Too bad the picture isn't big enough for us to really see the ring in all of its glory.

On a different note, Brit is looking fabulous! I'm sure the hair is extensions, but she has gotten her body back. Hard work pays off and maybe Jason is her "rock" that keeps her going in the positive direction.

As far as Brit goes, she says she can't keep her eyes off her ring. I hope she isn't driving while staring at her ring! I hope this year brings wonderful things to Britney. For anyone that has had to struggle with ups and downs in there life and to pick themselves up from the bottom, you deserve the best for getting help!

The ring itself looks to be more of a simple ring than the awful ring Kim Kardashian KEPT. This is my own opinion, but I don't think a $2 MILLION dollar ring is necessary to say I love you. Do you really need to let the world know how fabulous you think you are? We didn't need a ring to know that. I know a lot of women obsess over their ring, which is fine. I am more of a simple girl. I don't need anything super flashy. I certainly don't want to be blinded by it when the sunlight catches the cuts in the ring.

I applaud you Britney for not having to be ME ME ME like other celebrities!

Now Brit, take a closer picture of the ring so we can see what it really looks like.

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