I know we are in a recession and all, but I would love to buy a home that Britney Spears once owned, or rather rented. (Granted, I highly doubt I will ever have the dough to buy a multi-million dollar home...but here's wishing!)

Britney's former Calasbasas home hit the market with a minimum bid of $4.5 Million. It was originally listed at $10.8 Million, so think of it as half off!

I love a sale! The 10,300 square-foot home is currently owned by a dude named Jose Leon, who Britney rented the property from for two years. It's gotta be in decent shape after Brit living there if someone lives there, right?!

The home was built in 2007 and includes steam rooms, a wine cellar, and a personal theater!

I've always wanted to live in California! If I can get enough of my new friends to be my new roommates, oh who am I kidding!

Check out this video that has pictures of the home. Who wants to rent it with me?! Anyone....?

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