Billboard asked their fans who they think is the sexiest male and female singers. With over 600,000 votes Britney Spears and Adam Lambert top the list!

Musicians not only work hard at perfecting their voice and making sure their fans are enjoying the shows they put on around the world; it takes hard work and dedication to look as good as they do. A little help with photoshop and the good looks gene helps too!

Britney won by a landslide! She had 45% of the votes with Lady Gaga coming in second with 12%. Finishing in third was Beyonce with 8%.

A much closer race for the men though. Adam had 26% of the votes and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 came in second with 12% and finishing in third was Justin Bieber with 10%.

If you didn't know, I love Adam Levine! He's actually my desktop image! For the ladies I love the look of Adele! She is beautiful in my eyes! Sad she's not in the top ten!

Based solely on their looks, who do you think is the sexiest male and female in the music industry?

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