Once Mark Wahlberg and Jack Raynor had been confirmed for the new Michael Bay film 'Transformer 4' no other cast members had been announced until now...The new film which no doubt will be a blockbuster has recently announced that there will be more than one Wahlberg in the film.

According to an article from 'Wonderwall' which was just released, along with Mark his wife Rhea Durham and all four of his kids will be in the film.

Mark Wahlberg is quoted as saying in an interview with MTV News, "My kids just did a cameo, just scared people in the street looking up, but they did a great job. Mark mentions, " If you ain't (sic) got it, you're done. I didn't want to see my kids get clipped. They were excited about it, but they started to get mad at me because I'm trying to over-direct them. It went great."

It appears working under direction of Michael Bay when the film is rolling you better be ready and at the top of your game. This film won't be cheap to make and a lot of takes won't be acceptable.

Some great on-set photos: