The price tag of an Apple iPad may keep us from splurging at the Electronics Store, that's not stopping the Jolie-Pitt family! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's FIVE-year-old daughter, Shiloh has one!

Yes, they have money rolling out of their pockets, but really. She is only FIVE! Maybe it's a hint of jealously coming through, since I don't even have an iPod or iPhone (I'm holding out for the iPhone 5!!)

Life & Style Magazine caught up with the traveling family has they were leaving a London Restaurant and saw Shiloh playing on her very own Apple iPad.

Honestly, do we even know if that is hers or if she is just playing on mom and dads?

"Angelina loaded it up with a ton of apps and games for her. It definitely will keep her busy for the thousands of miles they travel each week!"

Not that I care how they spend their money, because they certainly have plenty! It's just odd to me that a FIVE-year-old has one. My seven-year-old nephew plays with my mom's iPhone, but he defiantly does not have his own! They are easy enough to learn how to use, and with the right apps, they can actually learn something from them! Oh, and if you have an iPad, know that I am envious of you!

For Top iPad Apps for kids, click HERE.

My question is, how young is to young to own expensive electronics?

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