Have you ever tried to braid your own hair much less a friend's hair?

For some it can be a chore or a real job, for others it comes naturally easy. I myself can do some braiding, but there are so many different styles of braids anymore it's not even funny.

A good looking braid,regardless; the type can look everything from sexy to just down right stylish.

Mark Alan/Marky Mark

At one point in my life I used to wear my hair real long it was straight as a board. I loved wearing my long all the way through High School. My dad (Military Officer) once told me, "You can wear your hair long as long as you keep it neat and clean." I was ecstatic, since he wouldn't buy me a Beatles wig when they came out, after several years and me bugging him to death to wear my hair long he finally caved in.

What I'm getting at is that I joined the Military myself, yet missed my long hair, after I left the Military I wanted to wear my hair long again but it grew back real thick and wavy and with curls. I didn't like it, soooo I found this girl who could braid hair and corn row it as well.

I had her do that, it actually looked pretty good with corn rows and she also braided in extensions to give it length. At the end of the braids I had small beads tied in. I could only wear it that way for about a month after my hair grew out some the braids became loose and it started to get sloppy.

The task at hand and make it a little easier is to start off by brushing your hair for a smooth braid, yet at the same time you can have a messy braid and separate you hair with your fingers. next step is create yourself a ponytail with the aid of an elastic pony that will at least get you started, the attached video will help you with Fishtail Braid.

Good Luck and have fun, it will look good on you.