It was a busy morning today- we had a couple of calls from bounty hunters hot on the trail of The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive. One was a challenge from Brandi.

This idea of capturing comes from The Fugitive's Facebook page. Earlier this week, one of the bounty hunters called Ty and challenged The Fugitive to a meet-up with all the Bounty Hunters at Bravo Burritos for Happy Hour- and the clown prince of deception took them up on the offer! Who would've thunk it? But sure enough, right on the FB page for the culprit there's a photo, taken in Bravos, of guac, chips and tacos.

So Brandi, taking that idea, decided to issue an invite to the scum-bag. here's Brandi's call and then right afterward, The Fugitive made their daily rant-