My energy boost in the morning usually consists of a huge thermos full of coffee, but it turns out we can boost our energy with just a few foods that are easy to make and tasty to eat. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you break the fast of not eating all night. When you don't eat for seven or eight hours, your body is hungry and it hangs on to whatever you put in it, so if you load up on fat and sugar, that's what your system is going to hang on to, so loading up on protein in the morning is a good way to start your day and curb hunger for the rest of the day. Here are a few tasty ways to do it.

I've always been told that cheese can add a lot of calories into your diet, but eating the right kinds of cheese can add a lot of protein. The Today Show's health and nutrition expert Joy Bauer suggests topping a whole grain waffle with a half a cup of part skim ricotta cheese and one sliced peach. Fresh fruit can get a little spendy when it's not in season so Joy suggests substituting the peach with a half cup of sliced pineapple or any other fruit that's canned in its own juice, rather than a sugared processed syrup.

I sing the praises of Greek yogurt a lot. It's loaded with protein and it's low fat so you can actually eat more of it that you could regular yogurt. Joy says that Greek yogurt is "the perfect foundation for a substantial morning meal". You'll need six ounces of plain or vanilla non fat Greek yogurt. Add one tablespoon of chopped and toasted nuts like walnuts, pecans or almonds and then add a banana, half a grapefruit, an orange or any other piece of fruit on the side.

This next one is also really good. It tastes just like something you'd get at a smoothie shop, but making it at home will cost you pennies; not $5. Take six ounces of plain or non fat Greek yogurt, 3/4 cup of fresh or frozen berries, and a few ice cubes. Blend until smooth. For an extra shot of protein which would normally cost you about 50 cents extra at a smoothie shop, Joy says just add a scoop or two of protein powder.

I'm not a fan of cottage cheese, so ricotta will work for this, too and it's still yummy plus an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Take 3/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese and place it in a bowl. Then take an apple - any kind you like will work - dice it into bite sized pieces and put it on top of the apple and sprinkle it with cinnamon. The cheese is packed with protein and low in fat. Joy says the cinnamon is "to jazz up the taste" and the whole thing is really yummy.

This one is my favorite because it has bacon on it. It's a breakfast BLT. Take a whole grain English muffin, slice it in half, toast it and when it's all hot and crusty, top it with low fat mayo. Then layer lots of lettuce and tomato over that and the crown jewel is a slice of warm Canadian bacon. The best part about this is that it's so healthy, you can eat it open faced. That means twice the bacon and I don't really think you can beat that. Here's my favorite part: Joy says if you're not a Canadian bacon fan, you can switch it up and use four slices of turkey bacon instead.