This made my heart melt today.

The first ever Friskies cat video awards were held in L.A. this week. Yes, there is such a thing now! It's a tribute to all the cute cat videos online. More than 1,400 videos were submitted and the grand prize was awarded to the video called, "Oskar's First Toys." Oskar is a kitten who's been blind since birth, he was born without eyes. I know, sounds very sad and I want to cry just thinking about the poor kitty! But, he will live a full life thanks to his adopted family!

Mick and his girlfriend Bethany filmed the video below the day after they welcomed their new fur-baby home and it shows him playing with his new toys! Little balls with bells inside so he can hear them!

The couple and Oskar won $15,000 and a year's supply of cat food.

Watch Oskar play with his new toys!! So darn cute!

I so just want to snuggle with Oskar! Adorable!!!