As Minnesotan, we probably have more understanding in this situation- we get that  severe weather is just that- SEVERE. It endangers lives. New Yorkers? Not so much.

They're an angry bunch to begin with, but when you cram them together (cuz gee they're not used to that are they?), get them wet, and then tell them you're going to cancel a free benefit concert (that's FREE) due to a killer lightning storm, you've got a riot on your hands. That's exactly what happened last night in Central Park.

Fans who waited in 95+ degree heat for around 4 hours and then another two under rain were visibly angered when the announcement came from the authorities that the show was cancelled after several delays.

"The heat wasn't going to stop them, the rain wasn't going to stop them, but the lightning — it stopped them," the Foundation said in a statement. "It came down to safety for everyone. Organizers are hoping to reschedule, so ticket buyers should hold onto their tickets. will have information in the next week or so."

The concert, which was being held to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation, an anti-poverty organization, had an all-star lineup also included Taylor Swift, Debbie Harry, LL Cool J and Natasha Bedingfield. As a result, Peas members and Taboo took to their respective Twitters to express their condolences.

"I'm so sad the show got postponed," said.

"Fergie is really sorry it's not happening we feel horrible," Taboo added. "We are devastated and Fergie told me to tweet this she loves u all ... I hope that the concert will be rescheduled ASAP, our pea-ple deserve it, my pea-ple from chase and robinhood deserve this NYC we love u."

If this happened in Minnesota, we would have been heading to shelter once the severe weather warnings were issued. Only New Yorkers would stand in line for hours on end in pouring rain and dangerous lightning and think they were owed something. Maybe they'll get a 'Thank You Note' from Jimmy Fallon.