Okay...So maybe the kid at the desk behind my boys can't see the teacher through the giant stack of hair on top of my boys heads.   This picture was taken a few days ago before the hair cuts.  We came out of the salon with Tanner (Left) having very very short hair, which makes him look fabulous,  (in my MOM opinion) and Mason (Right)  with half of the hair he went in with, but still looking exactly the same when he came out.  I can't believe the amount of hair that was on the floor, and the massive amount of hair that still remains on his head.   I think Mason could provide the hair for 10 people.

Both boys are proud of their curly locks, and prefer to grow their curls Big and Wide.  They LIKE the way it looks, and it's sort of their "Signature".  Being the new boys in school,  The bigger the better.  It seems to be a very important part of them at this age, and with both of them on the honor roll at school, is there a reason why I should say no?  They are great kids!

Being from a family of Musicians, everyone in our family has had long hair...so why wouldn't they want it as well?   But it's something about the "Poof" that gives them their unique style.  They like it BIG BIG BIG!

Many have told me, It seems to suit them. This Crazy look, that is so "them".   So do you let them have the hair they want, or do you demand they cut it all off?  I'm in the middle on that.  They're great kids, and even though this Mom prefers to have it either spiked on top, or at least cut shorter, it's their hair.

The other kids at school seem to live vicariously through the hair that they are not allowed to have.  In my opinion....There are far worse things they could want in life.  BIG Hair?   Live on....and be proud.