According to sources, they have invested in everything from a dietitian  to anti-stretch-mark lotions and potions to help keep Beyoncé and her unborn baby in great shape.

“Beyoncé's waited a long time to have a baby and she's determined to take good care of herself. She's paying a dietitian to organize a food plan of natural organic meals for her, she's having daily massages and she's spent a fortune on lotions to prevent stretch-marks and keep her feeling good."

Beyoncé's been told to look after herself like never before and Jay-Z's making sure she has everything she needs.

While I think it is great that they will be taking of themselves and their unborn child, is all of this necessary? Are they going a little too over the top?

Granted, if I were to ever have a child, I would be taking better care of myself,  but not everyone has a million bucks to do so.  I almost feel bad for not taking care of myself and I'm not even pregnant! Thanks for rubbing it in our face how rich you are!

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