Some thought Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl was unflattering. Beyonce thought that some of the photos from the performance were unflattering. She even wanted those ugly pictures removed from the internet! This time around, she's figured out how to solve her problem.

I will admit, that Beyonce does have a good point. Some of the pictures that were snapped at the Half Time show were pretty scary. Us regular folk know that feeling too!! Un-posed photos typically look horrible. Action shots are hard to capture, especially when you have no idea when the camera lens will snap a photo.Hello tagged photos on Facebook from ladies night.

So how is she solving her problem of not wanting unflattering photos to appear online after a show on the Mrs. Carter Tour? Simple. No photographers at the shows. Well, her photogs will be there. Only uploading pre-approved photos.

Does she really think this will stop people from buying photos from fans? I didn't think so! Camera phones are everywhere! Are you not going to allow phones into the stadiums? Good luck with that one Beyonce. We all take "ugly" pictures form time to time. We know you don't really look like a monster all the time. Take a deep breath and just laugh at yourself for once, please. We know you're not perfect, you should know that too!

Do you think Beyonce is going a little too far to protect her image?

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