Beyonce just got a little richer!

Beyonce just signed a $50 Million deal with Pepsi. You read that right, $50 Million big ones that will basically make her a Pepsi Product!

She will be doing a new commercial and will be making various promotional appearances. Pepsi will also be investing in several of her creative projects, whatever they may be. Plus, she will be doing the Halftime show in February that is sponsored by Pepsi.

In other words, she might as well just change her name to "Beyonce, Brought to You by Pepsi-Cola".

While I am excited for celebrities when they get endorsement deals, this seems to be a bit much. How many times can you slap a celebrities name on a product and have it sell more versus the competition?

Will having Beyonce be apart of Pepsi make you switch over from Coca-Cola?

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