Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Yes, we are a little more than a month away from the day of love; February 14th if you can never remember, but it's never too early to start planning the day.

Now that I am in a relationship, I suddenly like Valentine's Day again. When we are single, it's more of a day we would like to forget. When you are with someone you really care about, Valentine's Day may be a big deal for your significant other. You want to make sure they know you love and appreciate them. They already know that, but going out of your way on this day shows you really care.

Here are some gift ideas you can get right here in St. Cloud
that could also double as a date!




Crafty - Art As You Like It

Here is an idea that can double as a date. Making a craft together can be so much fun! You can hop on in to Art as You Like it in Waite Park and paint ceramics together! Maybe it's a coffee mug if you are a beginner, or a special plate that you can hang inside your home. A gift you made is one of the best. It doesn't have to be perfect either. You made it from the heart, just for them!




Pampering - Spa Day

A good chance your main squeeze could use a little TLC. Man or woman, a massage package is always nice to get. You can do it at home, or leave it to the professionals. If you are leaving it to the professionals, now you have the hard part of deciding on what spa to send him or her too. Several spas are located here in Central Minnesota including: Massage Envy Spa, Daylily Spa, Hands of Life Massage, just to name a few.




Gift and a Date - Ice Skating at Lake George

Not every gift given has to cost something. At Lake George you can go ice skating and use their rental skates as long as their is enough ice on the lake. How can you include this into a gift? Send her on a mission to find her gift and there you are waiting with coffee and some aspirin just in case one, if not both of you fall a lot. If it's been awhile since you laced up skates, take it easy. If your partner knows how to skate, you don't have to try and match their skill level, it's all about having fun! Lake George does have a warming house if you get a little too chilly or just need to take a break.



Digital Vision

Date Night Gift - Dinner and a Movie at Marcus Parkwood Cinema and Zaffiro's

Might be cliche, but if it's been awhile since the two of you stepped out of the house together, dinner and a movie is a great way to enjoy the evening! This works great if she doesn't like flowers or doesn't wear jewelry. Treat her a nice date. Inside Marcus Parkwood Cinema is Zaffiro's Pizzeria. Delicious food!! And you can toss back a few cocktails before the movie starts, and if you don't finish your food, you can bring it with you inside the movie. Sure beats bringing in popcorn!




The always Popular Gift - Flowers or Jewelry

Most women enjoy getting flowers. But, do you really want to go with the normal "dozen red roses"? Unless they happen to be your significant others favorite flower, then yes! Find out what their favorite flower is and surprise them by sending them to the office, or having them at home from when they get off work. (J.F. Kruse, Riddle's, D.J. Bitzan) And you can never lose by getting her jewelry. Make sure it's something she will like! Check out her jewelry box to get some hints so you don't have to ask her. (St. Cloud Floral, Stems and VinesBlooming Creations)




Relaxing Night for her - You cook and clean!

If your wife does a lot of the cooking and cleaning, let her take the night off! Especially if you have kids, this would mean the world to her, this gift is priceless! When she gets home she can put on her comfy clothes, sit on the couch and relax while you do everything that night. Cooking, cleaning, help with homework, laundry if it's needed, making the next days lunch . . . you get the idea. Have fun with it! Dress up like a male maid, butler, or maybe a dancer!



What would you like to get for Valentine's Day this year?