The St. Cloud area is filled with thousands of single men and women. Many of them are looking for love or at least the potential for love.  But where are all those single folk? Well, it depends on whether you're a guy or gal.  So, we created our Top 5 lists for both men and women on the prowl.

Top 5 Places for Women to Meet Single Men in the St. Cloud Area

Must Love Dogs

Looking for a man who loves dogs? The dog parks at Wilson and Whitney Parks in St. Cloud are filled with single guys who take good care of their dogs and like to be outside. Don't have a dog?  Offer to take a friend's dog to the park.

"Dear God, Please Send Me A Man..."

If your faith is especially important to you, look no further than your church for a possible date. Many area churches have singles groups where people of like beliefs get together and have fun. And sometimes, thank God, sparks fly.

Books and Coffee

It's no guarantee, but men hanging out in coffee shops or bookstores -- reading or surfing their laptops -- are often single, friendly and literate. And many would love to talk with you. Strike up a conversation while you're in line or ask for a little help jumping on the WiFi network. Caribou and Barnes and Noble are good choices, but there are lots of others. And even if you strike out, you can still walk away with a good cup of coffee.

Get in the Game

Looking for an active man who likes team sports?  Join a co-rec or mixed league.  Whether it's bowling, softball, volleyball, darts, pool, pickleball or golf, you can match your interests with his.

It's Just Lunch

Too busy to look for a man?  Not interested in the bar scene? Sign up with the local dating service "It's Just Lunch." They'll interview you, match you with a busy professional man and off you go to a casual date over lunch or drinks after work, all planned for you.  Stop worrying -- it's just lunch.

Top 5 Places for Men to Meet Single Women in the St. Cloud Area

Batter Up!

Why is it that St. Cloud River Bats games attract so many good-looking single women?  Who cares?  They're there -- so single guys, you should be, too. Especially if you're looking for a sporty woman.

Shop Til You Drop!

Men, you must go to where the women are.  And on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, that means shopping places. Crossroads Shopping Center, Target, WalMart, and other shopping meccas. Single women are often shopping in those places for more than just a cute top or pair of shoes.

Knowledge is Good

Interested in cooking? Pottery? Acting? Try a community education class or a night class at St. Cloud State or the St. Cloud Technical and Community College. Make sure it's something you're actually interested in. You'll be more likely to meet someone with similar interests.

Rock On!

Are you a country fan? Head to Winstock or Moondance Jammin' Country festivals to meet other like-minded music fans. More rock-oriented? Moondance Jam and Halfway Jam are great places to find single women who love to rock!

Bar Crawl

Yes, it's cliche, but it works. Downtown St. Cloud bars on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights are famously filled with single women. Of course, you have a wide selection of fine establishments to choose from. Just remember, pick-up lines are a big turn-off to a lot of women. Sometimes just saying, "Hi, my name is _____, what's yours?" works much better.

That's our list.  Where are your favorite places to meet singles in St. Cloud?