Free is a wonderful thing. Just put the word “free” in front of something and someone will be very excited about having it. I know, I put an old couch on Craig’s List for free and you would have thought it was George Clooney for all the attention it received. Say free and people don’t even care if it has germs…say George Clooney and people don’t care if it has germs! Well, this is neither a couch nor George Clooney but you can find out all you’d like to know about either (or even germs) when you hook-up at the best free Wi-Fi locations in the St. Cloud area.


If I had to give up every card in my wallet, and I have a lot of them – credit cards, gym membership, Petco PALS card – I would kick and scream the most about my library card! The (fairly) new St. Cloud Public Library is a beauty - so big and airy but with comfy little nooks to hide in. The big draw for me is really the books (I know, I’m so old-fashioned) but people visit the library for all sorts of reasons including the free Wi-Fi. The St. Cloud branch is the biggest but every Great River Regional Library offers free Wi-Fi…and those old-fashioned things called books.




Just like the library, this is another place that you will visit and say, “Seriously?! Who knew they had all this stuff?” The first time I visited the Clearwater Travel Plaza, I almost didn’t come back out as I wandered from Nelson Bros. Restaurant & Bakery to The Pub, did a little shopping in the General Store and gift shop, drooled over gourmet sandwiches and tried to decide just which pastry was coming home with me. Don’t think you’re going to “gas and go” and as long as you are spending so much time there, hook up to the free Wi-Fi and get something constructive done. Unless you count finishing off a pastry the size of your head constructive…and I think I do.




Oh, c’mon! You deserve a treat and, sure, fancy coffee from any of those fancy coffee places is a little pricey but it’s not as pricey as a full massage, a haircut and color and the professional organizer that you really need to feel super alright with your life. So…sigh, I guess some fancy coffee is going to have to do the trick for now and while you’re at any of the Caribou Coffees in the area hook up to their free Wi-Fi and surf the web for a new hair style…am I too old for feather extensions?





You know you’re going to end up at the mall anyway. I mean seriously, the mall has everything a person needs to survive and it’s all enclosed. Kind of like the casino, now that I think of it, but at least at the mall you are much more likely to leave with something cool in exchange for all your money. While you’re refueling in the food court – a surprisingly pretty place with lots of sunny windows and big trees – surf the “world wide” web and eat some “world wide” cuisine.




You know, if you’re having a working lunch meeting it ought to at least be at a place that serves beer and I love the small-town, “everybody knows your name” feeling a person gets at Jimmy’s Pour House. The food is good, the booths are big and you can even take a break from your work (you are working, aren’t you?) with a game of darts or some pool. Free Wi-Fi and an icy pint? Lunch meetings were never so fun.



Where’s your favorite spot to search for shirtless pictures of George Clooney…I mean, connect to free Wi-Fi in St. Cloud?