Adele was worried that she might never sing again. She was diagnosed with Laryngitis and had to cancel part of her tour, including her stop here in Minnesota. Find out when she will return to the cities here. Meanwhile, Adele says she is almost fully healed, and thankful to still be singing.

"It's 99.9 per cent better so I'm really, really chuffed. I was just saying I thought I wouldn't be able to ever sing again about a month ago, so I'm really relieved. And it went great and my voice isn't hurting, so I'm just really pleased."

In honor of Adele still being able to belt out her lyrics, here are my 7 Favorite Covers of "Rolling In The Deep." But first, here's Adele herself with the original.

  • 7

    Vicci Martinez from "The Voice"

    The power of this song reached millions when Vicci Martinez covered the song on NBC's "The Voice." Showing off her pipes Vicci nailed this one on point!

  • 6

    Mike Posner

    I fell in love with Mike's voice when his first single "Cooler Than Me" came out. Loved him even more when he did "Please Don't Go."His version of RITD is a Mix, and his voice sends chills down my spine.

  • 5

    Linkin Park

    Chester Bennington first did this song A Capella at the LPU Summit Hamburg, now he did it live in London for the iTunes Festival. Its hard to hit some of the notes in the Chorus, but Chester belts it out thanks to the Rock background of Linkin Park.

  • 4

    Little Big Town

    LBT seems to be on a roll covering top songs from all music formats. The country stars take a stab at Adele and do a great job with the backup vocals keeping the melody.

  • 3

    Rachel and Jesse from "Glee"

    Even though "Rachel" won't be back next season on "Glee;" her character is graduating, her voice is still breath-taking. Her little lover Jesse St. James helps this duet to make it my third favorite cover. The song seems to be missing more of the beat in the background that keeps the song going, but vocally still in tune. If you can hear through the thick accent, Adele even admits to loving "Glee!"

  • 2

    John Legend

    John's version is very similar to "Glee." John actually inspired the show's version. His little squeak during the chorus makes me not put this as number 1.

  • 1

    Mike Tompkins-Beat Box

    This kid is amazing! He does all of the music himself. Bass, Guitar, Piano, you name's all from his mouth! Watch and be amazed and see why his cover is my favorite!