Tomorrow is the big romantic holiday. It doesn't matter if you're single or head over heels in love with you husband of 20 years. Romantic movies seem to be the go to genre this time of year. Not all romantic movies were made equal. Some are amazing, while other we wish didn't exist!

Let's start with the bad. E! Online did a survey and they came out with the Worst Romantic Movies . . . drum roll please.

I can honestly say I didn't see the top 5 worst romantic movies, maybe that's a good thing since they were voted really bad. Now let's get to some better romantic movies. These are in my humble opinion the five best romantic movies.

Now, I realize that four of my top five deal with someone dying and it being really sad, but it shows that true loves lasts until the very end. Yea, sometimes a girl just needs a romantic movie that makes her cry for no reason other than we want the good love to happen to us too!

What are your favorite romantic movies?

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