You know what's great about being a foster home for an animal in need? You save two lives. The life of that dog or cat, and the life of the one who needed to come into the shelter, where there is now more room.

Jay and I have fostered many animals over the years. We've also been what they call "foster failures."  It means we fell so in love with our fosters, that they became part of the family. But that's okay.

However, a really great foster home knows that when you bring in a foster pet, and find a wonderful home for them, you have room in your home to do it again. And again. Just imagine the many lives you could save!

When you foster, the shelter or rescue organization you work with can provide food, toys, crates and even medical services for your temporary family member.

Several organizations are looking for foster homes right now. MN PAWS is bringing several dogs here from a high-intake, low adoption shelter. And these pups are adorable. The Tri-County Humane Society is always in need of foster homes for kittens! A Rotta Love is looking for fosters too. And there are more. Do you have lots of room? Foster a Great Dane!  Check out the possibilities on our Pet Scoop Page.

Save a life today. Save two.