Many of our listeners are parents so I thought this might be something you would be interested in getting involved with.  There is a new project being launched that focuses on women, moms and kids riding bike in Minnesota. The project is looking for 5 to 7 Ambassadors, who will help post on social media, participate in media events and contests, and blog about their bike experiences... all to promote the benefits of riding bike.



The project is focusing on a huge promotion that will be featuring 25 winners and over $10000 in gear, partnering with and 10 bike product brands to get moms and their kids out riding bike. Some of the gear giveaways will include bike seats, helmets, scoot bikes, kid trailers, and a bike for mom. Hey...I'll take a MOM bike any day!  I'm thinking this might be something I want to get involved with. How about you? Could you be the next Ambassador? What a great way to spend some time with our kids.

To stay informed about the giveaway, articles and events, like the facebook page, and then go to for updates and information.